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2015 River Place Portraits

River Place Holiday Portraits will take place at the club every day between October 16th through October 25th.

The best part is no session fee and deep discounts are available.


I utilize the many picturesque locations on the front nine of the golf course. Take a look at some of those wonderful

locations I use on the golf course.  Seriously, this is one of the prettiest places in the Austin area!


Each session takes from 30 minutes for the Card Only Session to about an hour for our full family session.

The difference between those sessions is that the Card Only Session is group photos only.  If you want individual

photos of each family member and breakout groups, the Full Family Session is what to request.

Pets are always welcome at either of these sessions.


Prime times are taken quickly to get your FIRST choice.


After you call the club or make your appointment in person, call me at 512.496.0706.  I’d like to talk and get more

information from you and get to know you before we jump in a couple of golf carts and head out onto the course.


My name is Rick and I’m not just another photographer.  I’m a member too!

(If you need a question answered before booking, please leave it in the Contact Page so I’m sure to receive it.  Comments here will

surely wind up in the Spam filter and I may not see it.  Thank you!!!)

Well….another great weekend!!!!

Yep, Lynn’s moms are headed back to PA and we’re back in the house. What a great weekend….lots of family photos to work. Jonathon, Kim and the kids were here along with the Moms…..Lynn’s mom and step-mother……they are wonderful!!! We had a blast at dinner last night…..And the night before…..and the party in the park in RR on Saturday with the other Grandparents. Yep….got photos of that too!

I have work to do…..but not before a little time off on a boat……there’s nothing like good friends and good food…..specially when they’re just like family!!!

Happy 4th Everyone!!!!!


Rick - July 3, 2012 - 7:58 AM

Ok….seriously….. I didn’t notice until I came here to check it out…..

I promise not to start every post with “Well…” That would be too weird!

Again….Happy 4th!!!!!

Well….what’s coming up???

It’s been a pretty long week and it’s only Wednesday.  Yesterday, started with a great session with Nicole, Alex and Madeline……had a blast downtown and then at Maudie’s on Austin Lake Parkway!!  I’ll be posting some of those as soon as they see them.  Then the trip to Flower Mound…..what a fun drive.  Dinner at BJ’s in Temple…then Starbucks in Hillsboro……no cops…..and the Dallas traffic wasn’t bad.  What a change THAT is!!

Today….in Flower Mound just for the day.  Then home, hopefully to find a couple of packages at the door…..nothing special….just a couple of DVDs from Amazon. 

Tomorrow…..ICS then a couple of errands…..a projection for the Stiles Family…..had a blast with them at Bull Creek and got a great set of photographs to share later tomorrow…..then Friday and into the weekend! 

Next week….I’m kinda off…..but then again, Lynn thinks I’m “kinda off” as it is.

Have a great week everyone and watch for those photos of the Stiles tomorrow afternoon!

Oh….and best of all…..thanks to someone….I have a cold!  What fun!!!